Coteaux du Layon Saint Lambert

This Coteau du Layon Saint Lambert is the most emblematic wine of our estate's historical know-how, that of the careful sorting of over-ripe Chenin, concentrated by Botrytis, the famous "noble rot" and the production of sweet or dessert wines. We are here in Saint Lambert du Lattay on the left bank of the Layon, on terroirs of Sandstone Schists. The very stony soils and the autumnal mists on the Layon make our hillsides a magical place for the development of Botrytis or noble rot. A whole range of know-how is put to work here. We harvest by sorting, cutting out the over-ripe grapes from the bunches, concentrated by the noble rot. For this sweet wine, the objective is not a very high concentration of grapes but a balance of freshness and aromatic brilliance. To achieve this, we multiply the harvests, returning several times to select the grapes, about once per week throughout the month of October, and we harvest the grapes at the beginning of the concentration process.

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